Solskjerming til Tesla Model 3 og Y

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  • Material: encrypted polyester fabric
  • Model Number: TESLA window sunshade
  • Brand Name: TESFORCE
  • Origin: Mainland China
Privacy Sun Shade for Tesla Model 3 Y Custom-Fit Car Side Window Sunshade Blind Shading for Camping Hiking Rest Accessories

Have you ever encountered the following situations?
Real reflections from 20 million car owners who don’t use sunshields
High temperature volatilization of formaldehyde affects health
Cracked interior, accelerated aging
Direct sunlight inside the car
Nowhere to put privacy

Sunshield · Comfortable driving
Blocking new upgrade
sun protection, cooling, UV isolation

shading heat insulation opaque
Blocks UV rays and reduces the negative effects of the sun
27°C after installation
Effective sun protection, enhanced protection of the instrument panel, not afraid of exposure
63℃ before installation
The interior is exposed to the sun for a long time without protection, and the instrument panel is aging in advance

Flexible installation can be done in 1 second
The elastic iron ring automatically resists and is tightly adsorbed and fixed with the window frame
“Clap” installation complete

Quick installation
Flexible frame for fast installation
Velcro fixed without suction cup installation
Quick and convenient, fold and store, release and restore

Overall cooling
Nano Black Technology Cooling
Use 5 layers of super strong sunscreen blocking light density material to refuse light transmission
1. Reflective aluminum foil layer
Reflects violet, infrared, etc.
2. Constant temperature endothermic layer
absorb excess heat
3. Seamless transition layer
Excessive residual heat
4. Rapid cooling layer
Cool down quickly and dissipate heat
5. Nano thermal insulation layer
Block heat penetration

Product parameter display
Name: car sunshade
Material: encrypted polyester fabric
Season of use: applicable to all seasons
Product function: UV protection/shading sunscreen/anti-mosquito/privacy protection
Suitable position: front block/front door/rear door/rear windshield




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